Seafood Platter

When I was a child we didn’t go out to eat. My dad worked hard and didn’t make a lot of money so my mom always cooked. When I became a teenager and was allowed to date, if my date brought me to a seafood restaurant, the only thing I would order was fried shrimp. At the time I didn’t want to try fried oysters. As for the catfish…we caught our own and fried it at home so I didn’t want catfish. Now … well … I like oysters!! I’ll eat them fried … raw and charbroiled.

If you like fried shrimp, fried catfish, fried oysters and fried soft shell crab then this is the entreƩ for you. This is the Seafood Platter. It is served with french fries and hush puppies. The food practically melts in your mouth.

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