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The Creole

Oct 4, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

Creole cooking is different than Cajun. Creole food is made with a tomato base while Cajun food is usually made with a roux base. This recipe is for Crawfish Creole.   1  lb.  crawfish (with fat) 1        onion 1        clove garlis 1        large can tomatoes 1 Read more …

Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce

Sep 2, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

Ingredients 1/3 cup pecans 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon light corn syrup 3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon bourbon divided 3/4 cup heavy cream 1 teaspoon fine sea salt or kosher salt Instructions Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Place pecans on a baking sheet and toast for 10-12 minutes until browned and fragrant. Transfer pecans to a cutting board and chop. In a medium saucepan, add sugar, corn syrupRead more …

Crawfish Stew

Jul 30, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a recipe. I’ve been really busy and feel like I have no time for anything. I’m going to try to get myself more organized … which I’m not very good at … to post more often.  This is not my recipe. I’ve been having thisRead more …

Chicken Fricasseé

Jun 16, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

  8 – boneless, skinless chicken thighs(or boneless, skinless chicken breasts) 1  onion – finely chopped 1 TBLS – red bell pepper finely chopped 1 TBLS – celery finely chopped 1 TSP  –  minced garlic ½ cup – green onion finely chopped (add to fricassee when serving) ¼ TSP – salt ¼ TSP – CajunRead more …

The Chefs at Frenier Landing

May 26, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

Recently I went to Frenier Landing to photograph the chefs. The head chef is Joe and the sous chef is Derek. Both of them cook delicious dishes and are super nice guys. Head Chef Joe   Sous chef Derek

Stuffed Cucumbers

May 15, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

Hi ya’ll. I don’t know if anyone is reading my posts … I hope so.   Today I’m going to share my recipe for Stuffed Cucumbers. My husband doesn’t like cucumber but he loves this. This is my own recipe I came up with. The recipe is at the end.     STUFFED CUCUMBERS  Read more …


May 1, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

I’m not sure if anyone is reading my posts or not but I hope you are. Today I’m posting a recipe for Chicken and Andouille Gumbo. I love gumbo … I grew up eating gumbo. Sometimes I think my mom put gumbo in my baby bottle … just kidding. Here’s the recipe.   Chicken &Read more …

Been Busy

Apr 25, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

The past two weeks have been a busy and stressful time. If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything … my daughter got married on April 22. I was busy trying to help her get ready for the wedding and doing last minute things for her. The wedding was beautiful … and so was she!!Read more …

Cajun Pies

Apr 14, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

These are what we call Sweet Dough Pies. Normally people use blackberries or figs for the filling. I wanted to try something different. I made Bouille Sweet Dough Pies. What is Bouille (pronounced Boo-yee) you ask? It’s a custard. It’s not very sweet but it is good. Here is the recipe for the dough… SweetRead more …

Boozy Lunch

Apr 5, 2017 | Posted by in Blog Posts | 0

My daughter is getting married this month so I went to help her with some of the wedding preparations.  While in the French Quarter we decided to have lunch at Stanley.  It’s a small restaurant on the next block catty corner from St. Louis Cathedral.  It was very crowded … no available tables so weRead more …